Branding your cpanel

Branding /customizing your cpanel is a necessity for website hosting business. The importance of branding cpanel is to present your clients with the brand they are using as often as possible so that your company logo and brand will stick on your clients mind.

Here are the steps to achieving just that.
1. Login to within and click on universal theme manager.
2. Click on manager themes under the cpanel logo.
3. Click on select under the clone column beside the x3 theme.
4. Then, enter new for your brand theme and click submit. It takes sometime to complete.
5. Click on Branding under cpanel from your WHM.
6. Click on the go back link below to see a new theme(Your theme).
7. You will see your new theme you just created, Click on “edit line”.
8. You will see all the themes are checked, uncheck the themes with exception of the “root” as that will be the only active theme. So that your clients wouldn’t be able to change themes as that will automatically make your clients to always use your branded cpanel.
9. Click on “Edit this style” under the root theme.
10. Now click on Edit Logos.
11. On this page, upload a blank transparent image, (Note: Not your logo) just blank image.
12. Upload the gif image and click upload images at the bottom.
13. Click on go back to editing (root) to see a change on the cpanel logo.
14. Click on the edit Header/Footer.
15. Edit each of the image labels, you see accordingly to yours by saving them to any image editor where you can actually change the look and feel.
16. Once you are happy with new cpanel header which has your company logo and look and feel, then click go back link.
17. Click on set default for new accounts under the root themes and finally.
18. Click on apply to all accounts.

Your clients will always see your company brand as they are using their cpanel interface.


  1. i have looking browsing around looking for information like this. I am grad that i found this. thank you for the good job